Our Mission

A new era is dawning for the forgotten Zambian orphans.
We are helping to transform the nation one child at a time.

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The Circle is Unbroken

This time last year we were in preparation for our first ever international short term mission trip.  We had just completed the application for Camp Life Zambia.  We had more questions than we had answers, more fears than confidences, more unknowns than knowns. But we were going… Since that time we have traveled to Zambia […]

Do Not Get in the Way of a Miracle

From Renay on our sponsorship journey.  Summed it up for the whole family. Crazy Orphan People About 90 days ago we returned home from Zambia, Africa. We had spent a week there, each of us with 10 precious children. We loved on them, got to know them and taught them about the love that Jesus […]

Now is the Time

As is the case with most people these days, it seems that there more things to do than hours in the day.  By the end of the day, I plop into my chair in total exhaustion with little or no energy left for anything other than sleep. I am pulled in 50 different directions on […]

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